2017-2018 Scholarships 

Scholarship Information
*All scholarships will be emailed to students and parents.
*Scholarships that are located on the internet will be hyperlinked to their name. PDF documents will only be emailed.
*Scholarships are sorted by date due.
*Make sure to save a copy of the scholarship to your documents. Changes are not automatically saved!


Other Scholarship Resources and Links
IUPUC Counselor Scholarships
These scholarships are available in the guidance office starting in December. If you know you are attending IUPUC with over a 3.0 GPA, please see Mrs. Tebbe.

Good independent scholarship searches:

Indiana University 21st Century Scholarship Covenant

This scholarship aims to meet the remaining financial need for 21st Century Scholars to cover direct costs such as books, housing, etc.
-Must meet all admission and financial aid deadlines.
To learn more, visit:

American Legion- Need a Lift?
Several scholarships of various amounts and due dates as well as a resource guide with other search suggestions and organizations offering scholarships.

Where else can I find scholarships?
Make sure to check other places for scholarships.

  • Ask your employer
  • Ask your parents' employer(s)
  • Check with your bank
  • Check websites of companies like Coca-Cola and Best Buy

  • Location