Getting Ready For College

Choosing a Career/Major
  • Take interest inventories- Start with and take all three assessments. Please see guidance for the access code.
  • Visit websites that allow you to explore careers by name and give you detailed information about those careers such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook at or O*NET at
  • Job Shadow
Picking a College

Choosing a college is very important. It needs to offer the major(s) that you are interested in. It needs to be in a setting that you are comfortable being in. It needs to have the activities that you want to be involved in.

How do I know if a college is right for me?
  • Explore college websites. Find its offered majors, housing, and activities. See what city or setting the college is in.
  • Visit the college. Take advantage of your college days and visit the schools that you are interested in attending. It is really important that you like the campus.
  • Talk to their admissions and financial aide office. What type of students do they admit? Do they have any special programs for freshman that you could be in? Do they have an Honors program? How much is it going to cost you? What types of financial aide and scholarships are available? Brainstorm questions with your parents to ask that can help you decide.
  •  If you need help narrowing it down, try Learn More Indiana's college search at
  • Location