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Our Guiding Belief:  We believe students can think critically, creatively, and reflectively, become effective communicators, productive collaborators, and be digitally literate.

The Decatur County Community School's Board of School Trustees has established the following goals for the district:

The District will enhance personalized student learning opportunities through the integration of technology and curriculum.  This will be accomplished by:

  • The installation of a district-wide wireless infrastructure
  • Implementation of a 1-1 initiative
  • Focused professional training

 The district  will continue to develop methods for effectively communicating building(s)/district achievements and news to all stakeholders.

 The district will create a prioritized list of facility needs to be used in long-range planning and in determining the timeline for renovation/building projects to meet the education programming needs of its students.

 Students will be provided a research-based K-12 curriculum that is aligned to the academic standards through:

  • Improved K-12 instructional practices
  • Common assessments
  • Data driven curricular/instructional decision making
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment of the K-12 curriculum
  • Location